I liked this one better than Big Al's & Jersey Mike's philly's.  It's right near my house so that's an added bonus.  The staff is friendly.  The only thing I remember not liking was the drink cost and selection, so I usually just get mine to go.  I was having a rough day and ate one in my car and every second was like pure ecstasy, but it was a pretty hard comedown on that last bite when I realized there wasn't any left.  I was like one of those people stranded out at sea when they are trying to get the last drips from their canteen because there isn't any water left.  The only reason I don't go here every day is because I'm poor and I think it was in the neighborhood of $8 for a full sangwich.

Monday is the day where they do buy one get one free - dine in only.  You are gonna be tempted to eat both right then - don't do it because it hurts later 🙂

Mark H., Lake Worth, FL